Philadelphia Eagles – Eagles Could Own 2009 Season

Lincoln Financial Field is the home turf for a football dynasty and for the fans that hold Philadelphia Eagles tickets. There are over 64,000 seats at this special stadium and during the height of football mania fans are packed in shoulder to shoulder cheering their heroes to victory. Last year the Eagles once again claimed their Division title and came within inches of a Super Bowl bid. The team has been NFL Eastern champs almost every year since 2000 and 2009 may be the yearufabet เข้าสู่ระบบทางเข้า they spread their wings and fly. Already the demand is on pace to exceed ticket availability as fans anticipate an exceptional season.

Big Birds Walked Before they Learned to Fly

The history of the Eagles dates back to 1931 when the Frankford Yellow Jackets folded halfway into the season. This team was part of the NFL and after more than a year, the franchise was handed out for $2,500. The Eagles and the Yellow Jackets were never really considered to be the same team; however, almost no one from the earlier team was signed by the new franchise. The first outing was against the Giants of NY and the Eagles were properly trounced by a score of 56-0. Of course, the players who were on the roster during these early years were mostly former college students who only stayed for a few years. The Eagle’s general manager, in 1935, proposed a yearly draft of college players to enable all of the NFL teams to be more competitive. Thus began the tradition of the team at the bottom getting to choose the first draft pick.

The remainder of the 1930’s did not hold a lot of sparkle for the team and there were probably more than a few Philadelphia Eagles tickets that were used as bribes to attract an audience. Things began to turn around in the 1940’s and the football players began to show that they really could deliver the goods when called upon. In 1943, the team merged with the Steelers because of WW II and the decreased rosters. This created the “Steagles” and Philadelphia claimed their 1st winning season after years of attempts. This arrangement only lasted for one season but in 1944, the Eagles won again in their own right and forged a championship run. The team was anchored by Coach Greasy Neale and a spectacular new draft pick, Steve Van Buren. For the Eagles, it was a bumpy ride through the 1950’s but 1960 became a golden season that is still revered. The team won their 1st division title since 1944 and in doing so, presented Coach Vince Lombardi with his one and only championship defeat. The presence and dynamic growth of the team began to flourish under the leadership of the combined talents of coach Andy Reid and quarterback McNabb. The years since 2000 have been dominated almost exclusively by the soaring Eagle