What Do Astronauts And Football Players Have In Common? A Trampoline!

No longer are trampolines considered child’s play! World famous English footballer David Beckham and NASA’s astronauts are among those who regularly use trampolines as part of their comprehensive exercise regimes. Historically, trampolines have also seen action in World War II, having been used as part of the training that pilots and navigators in the US Navy underwent. And of course, trampolines find some sort of place in most people’s childhood memories of playing in the park or the backyard.

So what makes a good trampoline exercise routine? Follow the guidelines below and get the best out of your trampolining hours!


  • The first thing to remember is that a trampoline is to be enjoyed in fresh air or in a well-ventilated room if it’s too hot to go outside. Give yourself plenty of space to jump high – you don’t want to bang your head on the ceiling!
  • Don’t push yourself too much when you start off – you might think you’re getting off to a great start but you will only end up sore and tired. Do some gentle warm-up exercises on the trampoline before you begin in earnest.
  • Make sure your body is accustomed to the feel of the trampoline and the  รวมเว็บแทงบอลufabet of the material beneath your feet before you start your routine properly.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable with the height you jump to. Do not continue if you feel unsure or unsafe.
  • Incorporate your favourite dance music and make your routine fun: plain old jumping won’t keep you hooked for too long!
  • Remember, a trampoline is best used alone – two or more people using it at the same time make the likelihood of accidental falls higher.
  • Buy a trampoline that suits your needs – do some research on the various shapes and materials available, ask your local sports goods dealer for advice and buy only what you feel comfortable using.


Trampolines are a great way to get the entire family to exercise but make sure your trampoline is safe for the kids to use and well-maintained. Watch out for signs of wear and tear that could cause potential accidents. The average trampoline has a life of 2-10 years depending on the quality: the cheapest ones usually only last for 2 or 3 years, while the most durable ones used by professional athletes can last up to ten years.

Though initially considered nothing more than an excellent outlet for children to expend excess energy, trampolines are fast-growing in their popularity as an exercise accessory. Used wisely and well, a good trampoline can provide hours of entertainment and exercise for people of all ages!